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NOVA CLEAN: Awning Cleaning in Manchester

Awning cleaning for businesses and individuals

Awnings have the potential to get significantly clogged with dirt, bird droppings and mould, yet they are also one of the most difficult things to clean. Between fabric staining and being difficult to reach many businesses are forced to fork out on a new one far too often. NOVA CLEAN are available for all your awning and canopy cleaning needs across Manchester. Available for shops, restaurants, hotels and for individuals with a home awning, let NOVA CLEAN give your awning a fresh look. 

How to clean an awning?

  • We start with a spraying of problem areas and stains
  • We then brush manually before using our professional machines
  • We then take care of the awning arms and support, giving them a good clean and making sure there is no weather damage
  • We can also waterproof the fabric with certain awnings

The last thing you want is us getting in the way while you are serving customers, so we make sure that we always book appointments at times that suit you. For a free quote get in touch by phone, email or by using the contact form below. 

NOVA CLEAN are available throughout Manchester including City of Manchester, Bury, Bolton, Wigan, Rochdale, Salford, Trafford, Stockport, Tameside and Oldham.

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